What is it:

mvcExpress is simplest and fastest MVC based ActionScript 3 framework!

It will let your organize your code in small units that are easy to manage and re-factor. It will let those units comunicate with each other conveniently. It will help you write modular and testable code.
And above all – instead of solving architectural puzzles and nightmares it will let you focus on writing your fun application!

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Coming soon list:

  • “Getting started” video.
  • 100% of code covered with unit tests.
  • Presentation of mvcExpress live. Extension of MVC framework to deal with ‘alive’ applications, like real time games, or animation driven applications.


Fork it from gitHub : https://github.com/MindScriptAct/mvcExpress-framework

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simplest and fastest ActionScript 3 MVC framework