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mvcExpress live beta released


mvcExpress live beta is out!

mvcExpress live is designed to allow creating real time MVC architecture application in flash, like action games, or anything that needs rapid continuous code execution, rendering, animating, even just as3 code batching.

It adds to MVC new actor that I call for now – Engine. This actor deals with two new class types : Process and Task.

Here is short overview of what mvcExpress live is all about:

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mvcExpress LIVE is coming!


I want to announce development of “mvcExpress LIVE”.

It is a fork of mvcExpress framework that will add extra tools to handle real time action in applications. Like action in games, animatios, 3d rendering.

Problem – MVC patern works great for application that changes from state to state, but it is not good for something that needs rapid state change, like moving game elements or animations or other render processes.

Usually those things treated as black boxes in mvc, and handled internally.

I want to change that. I want those objects be not in that black box. I want them to be part of framework!

For that new actor will be added – processor.

Processor will have very simple job – run processes!

I will start by defining requirements:

  • it should not critically break MVC, or if it breaks it – have well error checking.
  • Items from proxies and mediators can be implemented to be handled by processes. (you will be able to see easily which items can be processed.)
  • Adding – removing process support should be simple re-factoring step.
  • process will do one and only on thing – run same actions over array of same type items. This array of items will be MAIN array.
  • processes will be able to get SUPPORT arrays of items to be used with MAIN array.
  • link beat-wean MAIN and  SUPPORT array will have to be defined. Error will be thrown if that definition is missing.
  • process will be running based on Timer intervals or on enter frame events.
  • processes will be able to run() other processes.
  • processes will have stop/play (reverse? ) functions..
  • it will be possible to add/remove items(by name) that are handled by processes easily.
  • it will be possible to send messages from process.

To be honest I am not sure if I will succeed to meet those requirements. What I am essentially doing is breaking MVC pattern, breaking it not critically, or manageable – and exchanging it to practical solutions that should benefit game making and other application with lot of live action.

This is my first prototype, everytihng you see is defined in MVC, but animated in processes : mvcExpressLive-prototype1.swf
(I don’t like implementation)

If I succeed – we will have 2 frameworks : “mvcExpress” and “mvcExpress live”.