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First mvcExpress examples published


I created a new git project for mvcExpress examples :

You can fined 2 example projects there:

This is simple example that just trace some stuff to output.
It is well commented and covers all basic framework use concepts.

I recommend starting with this one.

Very simple example of ticTacToe game in action.



Small proxyMap change

To avoid confusion I decided to change proxieMap functions.

instead of having 2 functions to map proxies:

[as3 gutter=”1″]

proxyMap.mapObject(new DemoProxy());


mvcExpress will have only one:

[as3 gutter=”1″] DemoProxy());


This will remove some confusion of proxy mapping, and better reflect proxy creation in framework.

mvcExpress, PureMVC and RobotLegs code comparison

Some time ago I wrote post in my blog there I compared PureMVC and RobotLegs framework code. I will re-post it here with improved code and added mvcExpress code examples.

If you come from PureMVC or RobotLegs and want to try mvcExpress – it will help you learn the difference. Or if you are new to AS3 frameworks – it will give you nice comparison.

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