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Workers extension presentation on YouTube.

Workers adds concurrency in flash, but they are hard to use and maintain. I solve this problem with mvcExpress v2 framework extension for workers!
mvcExpress worker extension will let you create background workers with one line of code, automatically set up communication between them for you to use, and it will automatically register your class aliases for your custom objects to be typed then sending between workers.

Example project ZIP download:

Framework homepage:


mvcExpress presentation at FITC 2013


I want to present mvcExpress framework at FITC in Amsterdam! (Presentation title : “Next step in as3 framework evolution”)

It is great opportunity to introduce framework to Flash community!

This year it is possible to vote for presentations you want to see in FITC.
That’s there I need your support!

Please put 3(max possible) of your votes for my presentation to this link. (You have total of 10 voting points.)

Thank you!