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v2 feature: single commands per message


I keep improving mvcExpress! (Or in this case I should say- I keep fixing horrible v1 mistakes!)

One very important change – limitation to have one command per message added. This has several positive effects:

  • command execution is a bit faster. (5-10%)
  • If you send a message – you will have only one command to follow this message to. (less confusion.) (If you still need to execute many commands with single message, you do it from executed command.)
  • If you map command to message that is already mapped – you will get error. (more control over what is happening in your application.)
  • But if you want to just map over previous command, without unmapping it first – you can do it with help of canMapOver parameter.

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mvcExpress and C.O.L.T.


I released a YouTube video presentation/review/tutorial about C.O.L.T. and how you can use it with mvcExpress.

C.O.L.T. is a tool made by that gives you AS3 live coding possibilities.

Sadly C.O.L.T. turn out to be not that useful how I wanted it to be, mainly because of limitations it currently has… but you can use it!… in very specific scenarios with many restrictions, and you have to keep in mind that you risk wasting a lot of time finding the ways you can make this tool useful for you.

Because my negative opinion about the tool it’s no surpriyse that codeOrchestra censured my video out of there contest, with this argument:

it’s a marketing matter, it was Supposed To bring positive attention to the COLT, to make people say “Wow”

although my video met all there contest rules, and drive 16.000 unique views on YouTube winning the first spot in there contest. (10.000 views was inflated to get the video to youTube front page.. (hey… rules did not say anything about the quality of the views)).

In any case, I am very happy that I did that video, it gave me lot of experience in making online videos and how YouTube works in general, I will need it then creating mvcExpress training course online. (yes, its coming soon!). And who knows… maybe C.O.L.T. will get better in the future and I will actually want to use it.