mvcExpress version 1.3.1 released

mvcExpress version 1.3.1 released

this is important milestone for framework, as I consider it now as feature full framework.

This is feature list:


  • ModuleCore – simplest module implementation.
  • ModuleSprite, ModuleMovieClip – convenient modules extending Sprite and MovieClip.


  • Based on Proxy pattern.
  • Proxies can be mapped to class or interface, and optional name.
  • Proxies automatically injected into commands, mediators and other proxies.
  • Proxies can be retrieved with function. (not only injected)
  • Lazy proxy instantiation option.


  • Based on Mediator pattern
  • 2 options to mediate the view.( map then mediate, or mediate directly).
  • View can be mediated as interface or superclass.


  • Based on Command pattern
  • Can be mapped, and executed with messages.
  • Can be executed directly.
  • Build in command pooling (optional)


  • Custom, string based messaging system. (very fast, faster then signals)
  • Messages can be sent from modules, commands, proxies, mediators.
  • Messages can be handled in mediators.
  • Messages can trigger commands.

Modular programming:

  • Module to module communication through scope.
  • Module data sharing with other modules through scope.


  • Option to enable circular dependency injection.
  • Automatically detects flex, view objects will be mediated only after ‘onCreationCopmleate’


Whats next:

I have 2 priorities now regarding mvcExpress:

  • First and most important – writing learning material for mvcExpress. I have 2 ideas – written tutorial and video tutorial. Most likely I will end up making both. (I will also prepare workshop out of this material.)
  • Secondly, I will start working on “mvcExpress LIVE” fork. This will be separated mvcExpress extenuation, that will add E to MVC. E stands for Engine. Engine will be implemented by using Processes and Tasks, and mainly dedicated to handle real time action games.

I also have interesting idea making WorkerModule, it will allow using multithreading with modules, and will hide worker implementation.


mvcExpress v 1.3.1 can be downloaded from gitHub : 


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