mvcExpress version 1.4.2 release


today I release mvcExpress version 1.4.2 and put it to feature freeze. (Of course I will keep fixing bugs on it if you find any.) All new features will go to v2 from now on.


  • FEATURE: commands get new function : getMessageType():String This function will give you message string, that triggered command. If command is executed directly(without message) you get null.
  • SMALL FEATURE CHANGE : MediatorMap function isMapped() to test if view object is mapped simplified. (providing mediatorClass now is optional).
  • BUG FIX : mediators failing to remove all event listeners(added by addListener()) function¬†on remove, .
  • BUG FIX : fixed bug with autoinit set to false, not properly initializing modules.
  • trash/experimental files removed. (They only confuse newcomers.)

My full focus now is on version 2. (First release candidate will come out this week.)

Have fun with flash!

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