mvcExpress version 2.0.beta1 release


I am confident enough with mvcExpress v2 to release first beta. It is unlikely that API will change, but I don’t want to promise anything at this point.

Then I look at it.. it did not changed that much, I did not touched anything that worked well!

I only changed what did not work – framework extendability, and now it will actually allow extending framework features, instead of hacking it.

My new approach is also not perfect (I call it – plagued with “inheritance curse”), I don’t want to solve this problem with composition, as this will result in bigger function stacks and lower performance. “Inheritance curse” is more of inconvenience, then real big problem. (I will talk about this more in dedicated post about it.)

If you need to convert big project form mvcExpress v1 into v2 – know that I am preparing tool for making  most conversion work automatically.

Here is recap of changes:

Basic features:
  • ‘org’ package is dropped.
  • ModuleSplite and ModuleMovieClip removed. (changed with better workflow using ModuleCore.)
  • onRegister and onRemove made protected in mediators.
Advanced features:
  • inject points added  for main actors (ProxyMap, MediatorMap, CommandMap, Messenger) to make it possible to use extended classes. You will not need to use it for most of your projects.
  • AssertExpress class changed from singleton to static class.



mvcExpress logger is not ready to be used with v2 because of one bug. I am on it.

I am so happy with new changes! I already converted mvcExpress live to extension(or DLC.  What can I say… I am gamer!) and more extensions DLC’s will follow!

Feel free to discuss/critique/leave feedback in the forum.

and… Have fun with flash!

One thought on “mvcExpress version 2.0.beta1 release”

  1. I just switched my game in progress from 1.4.2 to the version2 branch on Github. Works like a charm!

    I only needed to to a search and replace to remove the org package, and change my mediators onRegister and onRemove to protected. I was already using ModuleCore.

    Rock on Raimundas!

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