Workers extension presentation on YouTube.

Workers adds concurrency in flash, but they are hard to use and maintain. I solve this problem with mvcExpress v2 framework extension for workers!
mvcExpress worker extension will let you create background workers with one line of code, automatically set up communication between them for you to use, and it will automatically register your class aliases for your custom objects to be typed then sending between workers.

Example project ZIP download:

Framework homepage:


2 thoughts on “Workers extension presentation on YouTube.”

    1. Hi,

      For mobile platforms, concurrency is supported in AIR on Android but not in AIR on iOS. (

      In any case – you should have a fall back plan if for whatever reasons workers are not supported. (have a loader ready.. or implement fake threading.)

      I have use case there i travel the dungeon and new dungeon areas are randomly generated in background, if workers are not supported – dungeon is still generated, but work gets limited CPU time(more or less depending on fps.). If player has to enter area that is not generated – application pauses, loader is shown, and generation work gets 100% of CPU time.

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