Can i use Flash IDE with mvcExpres? If I try – project fails.

It is possible to use Flash IDE with mvcExprss.

After adding source and library path’s for you code you need to do 2 extra steps:

  • Add CONFIG::debug Config constant and set it to true or false.(use false for deploy, and true for debugging.)

You can set it in MENU::File:Publish settings… ->’Flash’ TAB -> Script: ‘Settings…’  -> ‘Config constants’ TAB

  • Export to SWC, even if you will not use it. (Then you export to SWC flash IDE preserves metadata-tags in your code . [Inject] metadata tag essential to mvcExpress is lost if you don’t export to SWC!)
You can do this by enabling ‘Export SWC’ check-box  in  MENU::File:Publish settings… ->’Flash’ TAB